Source Valuation Model (SVM)

The Source Valuation Model (SVM) is a new and unique technology driven software system that accurately predicts the liquidity of residential properties. Values are computed on the current state of the market as well as retrospectively up to six months.

SVM provides:

  • Confidence score - with a proven 94% confidence rating and explanation
  • Time to market & variance
  • Previous market pricing components
  • The ability to manipulate the subjects GLA definitions
  • The ability to manipulate comparables and force minimum confidence thresholds
  • Mapping of the subject and comparables in the results screen

SVM is the only valuation model that predicts price and time on market along with satellite and map-imagery analysis. Comps are not selected by house size and lot size alone. SVM identifies the correct comps with 40,000 lines of code. High value homes in the $800K to $5M can now be calculated with precision.

Computers cannot and should not make business decisions for you, but they can provide you with the data and analysis to let you make business decisions with confidence. That’s why SVM emphasizes accuracy and usability. SVM provides both accurate property results and complete information about the data and analysis.

Click here to see a sample SVM report.


CompMyHouse was designed to be a calculator for Loan Officers to quickly check values on a given subject property. CompMyHouse is an excellent tool to use before taking a loan application and ordering an appraisal and allows loan officer to open dialog with client about client’s subject value and comparable sales.

CompMyHouse Provides:

  • A value and a high and low value range for the subject
  • 5 of your subject’s best comparables
  • A lower cost alternative to SVM and better performance than the free internet valuators

Click here to see a sample CompMyHouse report.