Individual Accounts

Individual accounts can be set up directly through our web site. Individual accounts are billed by credit card at the time the query is made. You will need a credit card to set up an individual accout. Click here to set up an individual account.

If you have any questions, please contact RELAR Customer Service.

Corporate Accounts

A corporate account provides for monthly billing by invoice. Corporate accounts provide the ability to designate multiple individuals or departments as requestors. Each requestor can customize the RELAR results to meet the needs of the person or department using the RELAR system. Please Email RELAR to get a corporate account or, contact sales by phone.

Batch Processing

Both corporate and individual accounts can be enabled for batch processing. Batch processing extracts property information about a list of properties from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and formats the data for upload to the CDR web site. Once uploaded, the properties are processed as a batch and the results can be downloaded, viewed, printed, and transferred to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further processing and analysis.

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